Pfizer to Buyout Amarin / Vascepa!

Many rumors here and there about who will eventually buyout Amarin because of its immensely lucrative Vascepa heart drug. But recent activities conclude me to say confidently that Pfizer will be the ultimate acquirer of Amarin. Here is why:

  1. Amarin patent 12/888994 had a recent update on September 10, 2012 to its application. This patent is for their combo statin-Vascepa study.

    Click here to see the full Vascepa filing

    It is finally known that this update posted on September 10th shows that Amarin has clearly picked atorvastatin (Lipitor) as their statin they will use in their combo study. Lipitor is owned by Pfizer.

    As seen on the thumbnail on the left, “the Office Action states that Applicant is required to elect a species of statin and a species of omega-3 fatty acid. Applicant elects atorvastatin as the statin species, and ethyl eicosapentaenoate as the omega-3 fatty acid species.”

    I’m sure Amarin management has been in talks with Pfizer about this combo statin study and will only choose a partner who will be bringing (BUYOUT) or helping (PARTNERING) them to market in 1Q2013.

  2. Pfizer “alledgely” offered $15 cash for Amarin back in mid-2011.
    This shows that Pfizer was serious in the past about acquiring Amarin. It was a low-ball offer as Amarin had no existing patent portfolio to defend Vascepa from generics. But now Amarin’s patent fortress is up and getting stronger by the month. Pfizer or any big pharma can now entertain a buyout more seriously.
  3. Pfizer in August 2012 applies for trademarks for a drug that has the exact same details of Vascepa.
    The “mystery” Pfizer drug has a description of being a cardiovascular prescription drug that can also be used for additional inflammatory-related health indications, including diabetes and cardiovascular events. Several pending names suggest “natural or nature identical” type active ingredient which in my opinion is icosapent ethyl, the active ingredient in Vascepa.
  4. Pfizer, with its Lipitor being off patent in May 2012, needs to find something immediately to replenish the lost revenue stream the Lipitor generics will take from it.
    Vascepa is the likely candidate among all current newly developed drugs that can do just those Lipitor-like number$.

So the question is … WHEN will Pfizer make their bid public? Or when will Amarin management share with us the details of the Pfizer buyout price negotiations? My guess is sometime after the issue of NCE being granted or not granted is finalized by the FDA. So that may mean as earliest mid-October 2012. Disclosure: I will be buying Amarin stock so I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

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